Clean, A Tale of The Inappropriate Library by Kim Isaac Greenblatt, copyright 2008, all rights reserved

Please find some pages from Clean, A Tale Inappropriate Library, coming soon from Shockingly Awesome Press. The book is the second in a series of fantasy books. Be aware that this book is graphic and for our young adult readers.

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She took a gulp of coffee and replaced the half-full mug that read, “YOU NAB ‘EM, WE SLAB ‘EM” on her desk. Jan stood up.
This would be a real bad time for her because her assistants were swamped or on vacation. “So what’s with the six?”

Ron’s smile disappeared. “You’ll have to see for yourself. It’s like something that happened back with the Poker killings.”

She remembered all too well the so-called Poker killings and the all too graphic violence of severed baby heads and mutilated corpses. Each corpse was left with five cards representing a poker hand. The killer eventually got sloppy and was identified by some of his own saliva which was found on one of the victims. That nightmare lasted for three months.

She forced the thoughts from her head. “I s’pose I should be grateful that you didn’t wake me up at two in the morning.” Though it really wouldn’t have mattered if he had called. She didn’t sleep much the last three days because she was worried about Patrick.

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My apologies for any typos - remember this will be cleaned up (er, hopefully) at press time! If you want more, hang in there! The entire novel will be out soon! Thanks for taking the time to read it and drop me an email as to what you like, what you didn't like and what you would like to see in future Inappropriate Library stories! And by the way, YOU ROCK!!!!

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Publisher: Shockingly Awesome Press

ISBN Complete: 978-0-9777282-9-9

for our young adult readers (and adult readers who like fantasy, adventure and horror)

Title: Clean, A Tale of The Inappropriate Library Publication Date: TBD

Language: English

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Copyright 2008, Kim Isaac Greenblatt, All Rights Reserved