Clean, A Tale of The Inappropriate Library by Kim Isaac Greenblatt, copyright 2008, all rights reserved

Please find some pages from Clean, A Tale Inappropriate Library, coming soon from Shockingly Awesome Press. The book is the second in a series of fantasy books. Be aware that this book is graphic and for our young adult readers.

Book Description: About twenty years ago, one of the books from the Inappropriate Library was lost in the city of Angels, Los Angeles. What happened when someone uses the power of the Library for revenge, for murder and power? Patrick Brighton and his mother Jan are unwilling helpers in trying to resolve problems when a book destined for New Alexandria turns up in the hands of a man who has one thing on his mind - gruesome murder.

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The Candy Man


September 4, 1989
Los Angeles, California 4:30 AM

     The Candy Man didn’t care what people would say.  “Crack cocaine and crystal meth were here to stay,” he would say to anybody who would listen to him. 

But business really ate it this morning!  He had to close up shop after being open a couple of minutes.

     That didn’t sit well with him.

     Black Angus was having the dry heaves as he staggered out of the visitor’s lounge and started retching over a dresser.  It was not the sound one hears from a big, black muscular bodyguard.  It frightened the Candy Man.

     He pushed his ammo clip into his Uzi (still the weapon of choice of drug dealers the world over) and nearly wet his worldly pants.

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Publisher: Shockingly Awesome Press

ISBN Complete: 978-0-9777282-9-9

for our young adult readers (and adult readers who like fantasy, adventure and horror)

Title: Clean, A Tale of The Inappropriate Library Publication Date: TBD

Language: English

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Copyright 2008, Kim Isaac Greenblatt, All Rights Reserved