Clean, A Tale of The Inappropriate Library by Kim Isaac Greenblatt, copyright 2008, all rights reserved

Please find some pages from Clean, A Tale Inappropriate Library, coming soon from Shockingly Awesome Press. The book is the second in a series of fantasy books. Be aware that this book is graphic and for our young adult readers.

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“Am I going nuts? What kind of claw was that?”

He sprinted down the tunnel. It was lit by sixty watt bulbs every twenty feet. One hundred yards to go.

Just one hundred yards to go to the door to the streets. Time to shut down all rational thought for awhile.

“Man, just hotwire a car and book on outta this neighborhood and chill for awhile.”

Just run for it now, bad boy.

Something wasn’t right here and just thinking about it too much was only going to make things worse.

Seventy five yards to go.

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Publisher: Shockingly Awesome Press

ISBN Complete: 978-0-9777282-9-9

for our young adult readers (and adult readers who like fantasy, adventure and horror)

Title: Clean, A Tale of The Inappropriate Library Publication Date: TBD

Language: English

Coming Soon thru a bookstore near you in the US and UK.

Price: TBD


LCCN# 2008902326

Copyright 2008, Kim Isaac Greenblatt, All Rights Reserved